Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Earn Money Online With Neobux In India

Neobux is paying to Indians since 2008 and payment proof can be found by writing 'neobux payment proof' on google.I have so many payment proofs that I didn't think which one to upload.Anyway this site is second on my best PTC sites after Clixsense.You can Make money online from neobux without any investment.Even this site has a low payout i.e.only $2 .Neobux is paying me from past 2 years .This site is well maintained site and proven as good money making site.You can create account on this site by link given below

Step 1    Go to the site SignUp Page

Step 2    Create Account on this Site

Step 3    View Advertisements-Click Here

Step 4    Earn money by viewing Advertisement

Step 5    Check your account balance

Step 6   When you will have 2$ (Almost 110 ₹) in your account , transfer your money in your Paypal account.

Step 7   When you have enough money in Paypal account transfer money in your Bank account that you have attached with your Paypal account.

How to withdraw money from Neobux ?

To withdraw money from your Neobux account, you must have 2$ min in your account. When you have 2$ or more in your can then transfer money in your paypal account and from paypal account you can transfer money in your bank account.

Neobux money transfer from Paypal to Bank Account-
This is payment proof of money that Paypal has transfer to my SBI Bank Account.Paypal send money in your bank account on next day automatically.You even don't need to request for withdraw money.All you need is verified Paypal account.Paypal will convert your money from USD to INR according to current market rate

How to earn money fast with Neobux ?

Many user  have problem with site that earning is very slow. To earn money fast get referral.
Referral means ask the people to join through your link.You will get commission when your referral click on advertisement.Now the question is How to get Referral ?

There are mainly two type of referral
1 -> Direct Referral
2 -> Rented Referral

Direct Referral  - Direct referral are those people who join directly through your link.
Rented Referral -Rented referral are those people whom you take on rent from website for a month.

To get the Direct referral follow these steps-

1   Login in your account with user name and password
2   Now on left hand side of page Under Global Click on Banners
3   Now you can see your link
4   Share this link on facebook , twitter and ask the people to join through this link

To get the Rented referral follow these steps-

1   Login in your account with user name and password
2   Now on left hand side of page Under Global Click on Summary
3   Click on the Referrals button (This button will be enabled when
      you will have 0.60 $ in your account)

4   With 0.60 $ you can get 3 Referral on rent for 1 Months.
5   When these 3 Referral will view add , you get commission .
6   You can get as many as rented referral you want ,depending upon money in your account balance

My advice is try to get rented referral rather than direct referral, because it is very difficult to get direct
referral .On the other side you can maintain rented referral easily as you can replace inactive referral with active referral.
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Other Information About Neobux

1 Online Since            May,2008

2 Site Owner               Fernando (Portugal)

3 First Payout             $2 through Paypal

4 Account Inactivity   1 Month (You must login at least once in 1 month )

To read even more how Neobux works,click here.
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